The Project Team understands the importance of the ferry service to Amherst Island and that there is the potential for the project to impact surrounding communities, local businesses, residents, property owners and the travelling public. Timely, accurate and informative communication of project progress, design milestones, construction activities and its impacts are critical success factors to minimize and manage disruptions, and help alleviate concerns and inconveniences associated with construction.

Consultation will take place throughout both the Design and Construction phases, including formal opportunities at significant study milestones as well as informal opportunities throughout the project. The consultation program for this study will ensure that the consultation principles of the Class EA are met.

The Consultation Process aims to notify all interested parties of the project and to provide an opportunity for input to the study and decision-making processes. This will be provided through the following:

  • Notices in local newspapers
  • Direct mailings/emails to the project mailing list and Canada Post Unaddressed Ad brochure distribution
  • Communication with stakeholders through mail correspondence, telephone, email and meetings
  • Meetings with local municipalities, First Nations and Indigenous groups, business owners agencies, and stakeholder groups in advance of the Public Information Centre (PIC)
  • One Public Information Centre (Spring 2017)
  • Project website / social media
  • Meetings with individuals and/or community groups

It is recognized that the Construction Phase of the project will be the most disruptive to ferry users, nearby residents, businesses, and other stakeholders. The Project Team will take all reasonable efforts to provide information in advance of construction activities that may result in noticeable impacts and address all incoming communications in a timely and effective manner. Our goal is to maintain open dialogue about the progress of construction, including its schedule; actively listen to and engage with the community and relevant stakeholders; and, to maintain and expand the trust and goodwill developed between the Project Team and the community.

We encourage you to Contact Us and provide your email address or mailing address to ensure you receive project updates. We also encourage you to follow-us on Twitter for project updates @A_I_FerryDocks